SI Units of Measurement

Quantity SI Unit Symbol
Acceleration Meter/second square m/s2
Area Square meter m2
Angular Velocity Radian/second ω
Atmospheric Pressure Pascal Pa
Capacitance farad F
Depth of Sea Fathom ftm
Density Kilogram/cubic meter kg/m3
Electric Current Ampere A
Electromotive Force Volt V
Electrical Conductivity Ohm/metre
Electric Energy Kilowatt hour kWh
Electric Power Watt W
Electric Charge Coulomb C
Electric Potential Volt V
Energy Joule J
Force Newton N (kg m/s2)
Frequency Hertz Hz
Heat Joule J
Impulse Newton second Ns
Illuminance Lux lx
Inductance Henry H
Length Meter m
Luminous Flux Lumen lm
Luminous Intensity Candela Cd
Mass Kilogram kg
Momentum Kilogram meter/second kg m/s
Magnetic Flux Weber Wb
Magnetic Flux Density Tesla T
Power Watt W
Power of Lens Dioptre d
Plane Angle Radian rad
Radioactivity Becquerel Bq
Resistance Ohm Ω
Specific Heat Joule per kilogram kelvin J/(kg.K)
Solid Angle steradian sr
Surface Tension Newton/square meter N/m2
Speed/Velocity Meter/second m/s
Temperature Kelvin K
Time Second s
Viscosity Pascal second Pa.s
Volume Cubic meter m3
Weight Newton N
Work Joule J
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