Abbreviation      – Full Form

B.I.T.      Birla Institute of Technology.

I.I.T.       Indian Institute of Technology.

C.A.D.   Computer Aided Design.

H.T.T.P.                Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

D.M.R.C.              Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

A.D.B.   Asian Development Bank.

B.A.R.C.                Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

B.B.C.    British Broadcasting Corporation.

C.S.I.R.  Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

A.S.E.A.N.           Association of South East Asian Nations.

A.S.C.I.I.               American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

E.V.M.  Electronic Voting Machine.

L.I.C.      Life Insurance Corporation (of India).

I.G.N.O.U.           Indira Gandhi National Open University.

R.B.I.     Reserve Bank of India.

U.N.D.P.              United Nations Development Programme.

U.N.I.C.E.F.         United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.

L.P.G.    Liquified Petroleum Gas.

M.B.B.S.               Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

N.C.E.R.T.            National Council of Educational Research and Training.            

bbreviation         Full Form

O.N.G.C.              Oil and Natural Gas Commission.

P.I.N. Code         Postal Index Number Code.

V.A.T.    Value Added Tax.

W.H.O. World Health Organization.

W.W.F. World Wildlife Fund.

F.A.O.   Food and Agriculture Organization.

F.E.M.A.               Foreign Exchange Management Act.

G.A.T.T.                General Agreement on Tariff and Trade.

I.L.O.     International Labour Organisation.

I.M.F.    International Monetary Fund.

E.S.M.A.               Essential Services Maintenance Act.

I.S.R.O. Indian Space Research Organisation.

W.W.W.               World Wide Web.

W.A.P.  Wireless Application Protocol.

C.I.A.     Central Intelligence Agency.

C.I.D.     Criminal Investigation Department.

I.T.D.C. Indian Tourism Development Corporation.

MoU.    Memorandum of Understanding.

N.F.D.C.               National Film Development Corporation.

P.O.T.A.               Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Abbreviation      Full Form

R.T.I.      Right To Information.

P.T.I.      Press Trust of India.

U.N.O.  United Nation Organisation.

B.P.O.   Business Process Outsourcing.

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C.I.C.     Chief Information Commissioner.

N.R.E.G.A.           National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

P.A.N.   Permanent Account Number.

S.I.M.    Subscriber Identification Module.

N.D.A.   National Defence Academy.

O.P.E.C.                Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

RAM      Random Access Memory.

RAW      Research and Analysis Wing.

I.S.I.       Inter Services Intelligence.

I.I.M.     Indian Institute of Management.

N.A.S.A.               National Aeronautics Space Administration.

I.B.M.    International Business Machines.

N.G.O.  Non-Governmental Organization.

B.S.F.     Border Security Force.

C.E.O.    Chief Executive Officer.

C.B.I.     Central Bureau of Investigation.

P.W.D.  Public Works Department.

R.O.M.  Read Only Memory.

U.S.B.    Universal Serial Bus.

P.S.U.    Public Sector Undertaking.

R.T.G.S.                Real Time Gross Settlement.

N.E.F.T.                National Electronic Funds Transfer.

I.C.U.     Intensive Care Unit.

E.C.G.    ElectroCardioGram.

C.A.T.    Common Admission Test.

G.A.T.E.                Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.

N.M.D.S.              National Missile Defence System.

A.I.R.     All India Radio.

H.T.M.L.               HyperText Markup Language.

U.R.L.    Uniform Resource Locator.

G.S.L.V.                Geo-Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.

B.S.N.L.                Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

S.A.R.S.                Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

G.S.M.  Global System for Mobile Communications.

G.P.R.S.                General Packet Radio Service.

WiFi       Wireless Fidelity.

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