List of Abbreviations and Expansions

Abbreviation      Full Form

I.M.E.I. International Mobile Equipment Identity.

T.R.P.    Television Rating Point.

P.N.R.   Passenger Name Record.

M.L.A.   Member of Legislative Assembly.

S.S.C.     Staff Selection Commission.

U.P.S.C.                Union Public Service Commission.

N.R.I.     Non Resident Indian.

B.C.C.I. Board of Control for Cricket in India.

F.I.R.      First Information Report.

P.D.F.    Portable Document Format.

S.Q.L.    Structured Query Language.

J.P.E.G or J.P.G.                Joint Photographic Experts Group.

E.M.I.    Equated Monthly Installment.

I.F.S.C.  Indian Financial System Code.

T.D.S.    Tax Deducted at Source.

G.D.P.   Gross Domestic Product.

A.S.A.P.                As Soon As Possible.

U.A.E.   United Arab Emirates.

S.T.D.    Subscriber Trunk Dialing.

I.R.D.A. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority

B.O.L.T.                Build Operate Lease Transfer

C.I.I.       Confederation of Indian Industry

C.R.I.S.I.L.            Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited

C.R.R.    Cash Reserve Ratio

E.P.Z.     Export Processing Zone

F.E.R.A.                Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

F.I.I.       Foreign Institutional Investors

G.D.P.   Gross Domestic Product

H.U.D.C.O.          Housing and Urban Development Corporation

N.A.B.A.R.D.      National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

O.G.L.   Open General License

V.A.T.    Value Added Tax

C.I.S.F.  Central Industrial Security Force

N.I.F.T. National Institute of Fashion Technology

U.G.C.   University Grants Commission

I.O.C.     International Olympic Committee

D.D.T.    Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane

D.T.P.    Desk Top Publishing

I.C.B.M.                Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile

N.A.T.O.               North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

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