1. Elisa is the test for AIDS but it is caused by virus‐ HIV
  2. Indira Gandhi National centre for arts is in –New Delhi
  3. Tooth enamel is made up of‐ calcium phosphate.
  4. Birju maharaj composed a song for Deepika padukone in “Bajirao mastani”is a – kathak Dancer
  5. Which national park has world’s two thirds one horned rhinos‐Kaziranga National Park
  6. Ginger is one of the following type?‐ Underground stem
  7. Eliminated Planet – Pluto
  8. Qutub Minar, Alai Darwaza(magnificent gateway) built by‐ Ala‐ud‐din Khilji
  9. Bulb filament is made up of‐ Tungsten
  10. Google’s CEO – Sundar Pichai
  11. Common salt chemical formula – NaCl
  12. Which gas is used for flushing potato chips packet?‐ Nitrogen.
  13. Roger Federer belongs to – Switzerland.
  14. Hubble Space telescope belongs to which country‐ USA.
  15. Satish Dhawan Space center which state?‐ Andhra Pradesh.
  16. Present Commerce and industry minister of India? – Suresh Prabhu
  17. Bhimbetka rock shelters are located at‐Madhya Pradesh
  18. Which actor will be with Rajinikanth in Enthiran 2‐ Arnold Schwarzenegger
  19. Mouma Das is related to –Table Tennis
  20. First human to travel into space‐ Yuri Gagarin
  21. which metal is used for galvanising of iron – Zinc
  22. Which country has the biggest constitution in the World? – India
  23. Shashank Subramanyam is related to‐ renowned exponent of the Bamboo Flute
  24. Official language of Afghanistan? – Pashto, Dari
  25. Canada’s first space telescope – MOST
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