1. The particle required to continue the chain process of Uranium fission is – Neutron
  2. Which of the following is used to increase the anti-knocking property of petrol? – Tetraethyl lead
  3. The chief source for the production of nitrogeneous fertilizers is – Ammonia
  4. Fifth generation computers do not have – Vacuum tubes
  5. Where does a computer add, compare and shuffle data? – CPU chip
  6. The Indian monument recently inscribed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List is – Jantar Mantar of Jaipur
  7. Yen is the currency of – Japan
  8. Nasik is situated on the bank of the river – Godavari
  9. Which one of the following is a ‘Surface to Air Missile’? – Trishul
  10. Nehru Trophy is associated with – Hockey
  11. Odissi classical dance originated in – Orissa
  12. Who discovered America? – Columbus
  13. The famous painting ‘Monalisa’ was the creation of – Leonardo-Da-Vinci
  14. The first women to swim across seven important seas is – Bula Choudhary
  15. Insulin was discovered by – F. Banting
  16. The radioactive Strontium-90 causes – Skin cancer
  17. Shivpuri National Park of Madhya Pradesh is important for – Leopard and Chital
  18. Decibel is a term connected with – sound
  19. Van Mahotsav’ is associated with– Protection of plants
  20. The Accounting Year of Reserve Bank of India runs from – April to March
  21. Agricultural Commodities are graded with – AGMARK
  22. The food stocks that are built up during the years of bumper harvest are called – Grain stock
  23. The Minimum Wages Act was first passed in India in the year – 1948
  24. Human Development Index was developed by – Mahbub-ul-Haq
  25. Crop sown soon after the onset of South-West monsoon in India is called – Kharif
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