1. Panipat Refinery belongs to? Haryana (IOCL)
  2. Dadabhai Naoroji worked as a professor in which University? Elphinstone College
  3. Indo‐Pak war in which year? 1971
  4. Which is most populous state according to 2011 census? Uttar Pradesh
  5. Forest cover of India according to 2015 survey? 7,01,673 sq km
  6. How many world heritage site in India by UNESCO? 32
  7. In Computer, Which change source code into object code? Assembler
  8. Which is not related to genetic engineering?
  9. What is the National Game of USA? Baseball
  10. Law of Inertia was given by? Newton
  11. How many medals India gets in 12th South Asian Game? 188
  12. Bio Diesel Locomotive Coming in which Railway Zone? Hubli Division
  13. Which of the following is not a programming language? Assembly Language
  14. Rank of India in Human Development Index? 130
  15. What is the full form of ISI? Inter Services Intelligence
  16. Vasco D gama reached first at which place in India? Kappad, Kerala
  17. Tawang Monastery, in the Indian state of? Arunachal Pradesh
  18. Anti‐leprosy day? 30 January
  19. Which soldier died on Feb 2016 in Siachen in J&K? Hanumanthappa Koppad
  20. Alfred nobel discovered? Dynamite
  21. Taj Mahal commissioned by ?‐ Mughal emperor Shah Jahan
  22. Acid found in Grapes ?‐ Tartaric.
  23. How many Muscles are used for eye ball? – Six
  24. How many number of players in POLO game? – 4
  25. First woman Doctor in the world?‐ Elizabeth Blackwll
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