1. Winner of U19 World Cup – West Indies
  2. Which cricketer hit consecutive three centuries in world cup cricket?‐ Kumar
  3. Khajuraho temples located in – MP
  4. Which gas is released during respiration by human beings?‐carbon dioxide
  5. State shares boundary with Bangladesh?‐ Tripura
  6. National sports day – August 29
  7. Full Form of PDF – Portable Document Format
  8. Man of the tournament 2011 world cup – Yuvraj Singh
  9. Indian origin person gets Knighthood from Elizabeth II – Harpal Singh Kumaran
  10. Capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli?‐ Silvassa
  11. Language of Mughal Empire – Persian
  12. Pitchblende is related to – Uranium
  13. Who is author of Amar Sonar Bangla(National Anthem of Bangladesh)?‐ Rabindranath Tagore
  14. Flag code of India‐ 2002
  15. City on bank of Nile river?‐ Khartoum
  16. What is atomic number?‐ The number of protons or electrons normally found in an atom of a
    given chemical element.
  17. which union territory is considered as smart city?‐ New Delhi
  18. Epidemiology is study of‐ the distribution and determinants of health‐related states or
    events in specified populations
  19. 1024GB – 1TB
  20. What is biodiversity?‐ Variety of life
  21. Element responsible for air pollution‐ sulphur dioxide
  22. The largest coal deposit in India – Damodar valley
  23. Literacy rate of India as per 2011 census?‐ 74.04%
  24. The Biography of Indira Gandhi written by?‐ Pupul Jayakar
  25. Function of Hydrometer?‐ measures the specific gravity (relative density) of liquids
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