1. First woman DG of paramilitary forces? Archana Ramasundram
  2. Syed Modi Grand prix held on which place? Lucknow
  3. When was Microsoft founded? 1975
  4. Start Up India launch year? 2016
  5. Which is not a gland(options: Liver,gall bladder,Pituitary,Adrenal)? Gall Bladder
  6. Parliament Construction year? 1927
  7. Nephron Belongs to? Kidney
  8. British Rule was ended on which year? 1947
  9. Mars is also known as? Red Planet
  10. Yellow Fever caused by? Female Mosquitoes
  11. Who won more grand slams in the year 2015? Novak Djokovic
  12. 2015 Arjuna Award given to which female wrestler? Babita Kumari
  13. Full Form of RBC? Red Blood Cells
  14. Afghanistan’s Parliament name is? Shora
  15. Which is the Largest Stadium of America? Michigan Stadium
  16. Nagaland capital? Kohima
  17. NASA Headquarters? Washington DC
  18. Stainless steel is‐ an alloy
  19. Gun powder consists of‐ potassium nitrate
  20. When did the british raj start in India? 1858
  21. Infrared rays are electromagnetic waves.
  22. Tashkent agreement signed after which Indo‐Pak war? – 1965
  23. The length of digestive system?‐ 30 Feet
  24. Where is the statue of liberty? New York, USA
  25. Maximum no of Medals in 2012 Olympics? USA
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