1. Dimension of volleyball court – 18 metre (59 Feet)
  2. 8th UN secretary general – Ban‐Ki‐moon
  3. After entering Bangladesh, the main branch of the Ganges is known as the‐ Padma.
  4. First Anglo‐Sikh War was fought between the Sikh Empire and the East India Company between 1845 and 1846
  5. Losoong festival is celebrated in which state? Sikkim
  6. Leprosy is also called? Hansen’s Disease
  7. Who is the father of Modern Genetics? Gregor Mendel
  8. Louis Pasteur invented vaccine‐ Rabies
  9. National Air Quality Index is based on how many pollutants? Eight
  10. Main motive for Civil Disobedience Movement in 1929‐ Against unjust laws
  11. LIGO related to – Laser
  12. British decide to grant independence to India‐ 1947
  13. Who is the Founder of Swaraj Party? Chittaranjan Das
  14. Laughing gas is? Nitrous Oxide
  15. Dwarf planet is? Pluto
  16. Shortcut of Paste in MS Word? Ctrl+V
  17. Currency of Myanmar? Kyat
  18. Who built Jantar Mantar of Delhi? Maharaja Jai Singh
  19. Popular dance of TamilNadu? Bharatnatyam
  20. Leprosy also known as? Hansen’s disease
  21. Ligo – a mission is related to? Black Holes
  22. How generator works? Mechanical to electrical Energy
  23. Smiling Buddha Mission? India’s first successful nuclear bomb test
  24. What is Calcium Hydroxide? Lime Water
  25. Another Name of Badshah Khan? Abdul Ghaffar Khan
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