1. Hridaynath mangeshkar award 2015 – A.R.Rahman
  2. Which Party was founded by Subhash Chandra Bose in the Year 1939 after he broke away from the congress? All India Forward Bloc
  3. Smallpox vaccine discovered by‐ Edward Jenner
  4. LPG gas stored in liquid form
  5. National human right chairperson of India? HL Dattu
  6. Asia cup cricket 2015 winner? India
  7. who was elected as second time chief of UN in 2011? Ban ki moon
  8. Who is the chairman of Bank Board Bureau? Vinod Rai
  9. PCB stands for? Printed circuit board
  10. Who was Prime Minister of Bangladesh in 1971? Tajuddin Ahmad
  11. Brand ambassador of TATA motors? Lionel Messi
  12. When East India company came to India? 1600
  13. Azad hind Fauz formation year? 1943
  14. Netware belongs to which country? India
  15. Author of the Novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings”– Marlon James
  16. Which one is fastest memory?‐ Cache
  17. Yogeshwar Dutt is from which field?‐Wrestler
  18. In UNESCO world heritage which is not included Mountain railways of India‐ kashmir railway
  19. First man to go to space? Yuri Gagarin
  20. Which one is fastest memory? Cache
  21. Yogeshwar Dutt is from which field? Wrestler
  22. Effect of pressure on sound? no change
  23. To the “Brink and the Bank book:india’s 1991 story was written by? Jairam Ramesh
  24. Second Battle of Panipat – 1556
  25. Which country celebrate Independence day on 19th August – Afghanistan
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