1. World’s most energy efficient city‐ reykjavik, Iceland
  2. Function of hydro power plant‐ It converts kinetic energy into electrical energy
  3. APGAR Score is test to summarize? To Summarise Health of Newborn Babies
  4. One question related to bio (who developed genes )?
  5. Famous temple of buddha in asia (borobudur)‐ Indonesia
  6. 1987 Australian world cup winner team captain‐ Allan border
  7. Black gold‐ coal
  8. BARC director‐ sekhar basu
  9. Prime content of diamond‐ carbon
  10. Which on is a program‐ Tbasic
  11. Hottest planet‐ venus
  12. Who is the 8th CM of Arunachal Pradesh? Kalikho Pul
  13. Abhishek verma belongs to sport? Archery
  14. Who was founder of Pal Dynasty? Gopal
  15. Pacemaker related to which organ? Heart
  16. How many candidates are nominated by President in Rajya Sabha? 12
  17. Osama Bin Laden killed at which place? Abbottabad, Pakistan
  18. Nathula Pass located at? Gangtok, Sikkim
  19. Golconda Fort – Hyderabad
  20. Assigned Amount Unit (AAU) is – ‘Kyoto unit’ or ‘carbon credit’ representing an allowance to
    emit greenhouse gases
  21. Largest Tiger Reserve in India‐ Nagarjunsagar‐Srisailam
  22. Who was the viceroy when India got Independence? Lord Mountbatten
  23. India’s first district with high‐speed rural broadband network(NOFN)‐ Idukki, kerala
  24. Father of Indian Surgery – Sushruta
  25. Name of International Airport in India which runs by Solar power‐
    Cochin International Airport
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