1. Largest silk producer state of India? Karnataka
  2. Goecha La pass is in which state? Sikkim
  3. Nitrogen fixing bacteria? Microorganisms
  4. Who was appointed as M.D and CEO of central Mine planning & Design institute Ltd (CMPDI)?
    Shekhar Sharan
  5. Who has won the sangita kalanidhi award for 2015 ? Sanjay Subrahmanyan
  6. SPM? Scanning Probe Microscope
  7. Which is Digital State of India? Kerala
  8. Who is CEO of Flipkart? Binny Bansal
  9. No.of bones in human adult? 206
  10. Gas in which we live in breathe? Carbon dioxide
  11. Laughing gas? Nitrous oxide
  12. Highest bridge on which river? Bhagirathi
  13. Maximum silk in India produced by? Karnataka
  14. First chocolate made by? Hernan Cortes
  15. Current president of pakistan? Mamnoon Hussain
  16. Most poisonous fish in world? pufferfish
  17. PM who hoisted tricolor maximum times? Jawaharlal Nehru
  18. To kill a mocking word book written by? Lee Harper
  19. Delhi’s only woman ruler? Razia Sultan
  20. Golden rock temple (kyaiktiyo pagoda)? Myanmar
  21. 2016 Australian open women’s double? sania mirza and martina hingis
  22. 8 world heritage day? 18 april
  23. Dipika karmakar? gymnastic
  24. Great grand old lady of bollywood? Johra Sehgal
  25. Atmospheric pressure measured by which instrument? barometer
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