1. Richest person as per Forbes global list? Carlos Slim
  2. Who invented Fountain Pen? Petrache Poenaru
  3. Who was the first ruler of Vijayanagara empire ? Hari Hara Bukka
  4. Replanting in forest is called ? Reforestation
  5. What is the study of environment ? Ecology
  6. King of Pallava Dynasty who wrote stories? Narasimhavarman I
  7. Highest statue of Christ is located at‐ Rio de Janeiro
  8. PA Sangma served as a Lok Sabha speaker in which year? 1996 to 1998
  9. What does MRP means ? Maximum Retail Price
  10. ICC president? Zaheer Abbas
  11. What is highest possible score in ten ‐pin bowling ? 300
  12. Mouse is invented by? Douglas Engelbart
  13. Supreme Commander of Indian Defence Services? President
  14. Longest bridge of world is in which country? China
  15. Right to freedom and liberty in which article of constitution? Article 21
  16. Current chief of election commission? Nasim Zaidi
  17. Largest princely state during Indian Independence? Hyderabad
  18. Railway budget 2016 presented by? Suresh Prabhu
  19. Which bacteria converts milk to curd? Lactobacillus bacteria
  20. UHT full form? Ultra High Temperature
  21. Who Chinese came to India during Guptas period? Fa Hien
  22. Saina Nehwal? Badminton
  23. Rani laxmi bai died at which place? Gwalior
  24. Brain of computer? C.P.U.
  25. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq transferred from Delhi to? Daultabad
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