General knowledge -RRB,SSC, TNPSC, TNUSRB, UPSC-4

  1. Real founder of Gupta dynasty‐ Chandragupta 1.
  2. Who among the following was a co‐founder of Swaraj party‐ Motilal Nehru.
  3. Indian Hockey team won in the Olympic in which year – 1928
  4. President of South Asian Wrestling Federation – Brij Bhushan Singh
  5. Aryabhata was launched in‐ 1975
  6. Delhi became the capital of India in‐ 1931.
  7. Who is the opposition leader in Rajya Sabha? Ghulam Nabi Azad
  8. Anshu gupta Ramon Magsaysay Award winner – Founder of Goonj (NGO)
  9. World Animal Day – October 4
  10. Thomas cup related to – Badminton
  11. 10 rupee and 125 rupee coin has been created for whom recently? – Dr.B. R. Ambedkar
  12. Mixed double Wimbledon champion 2015 – Martina Hingis and Leander Paes
  13. Distance of light travelled in one year‐ 10 trillion Km
  14. ASLV launched in‐ 1994
  15. Radish is – an edible root
  16. Red Planet – Mars
  17. Study of the liver – Hepatology
  18. Galvanization of Steel and iron is done by‐ Zinc.
  19. Which of the following mountain comes under Biodiversity hotspot – Western Ghat.
  20. Saraswati Samman award winner in 2014‐ Veerappa Moily
  21. Belur Math located in‐ West Bengal
  22. Who is the captain of T20 women’s world cup winner team in 2016? – Stafanie Taylor (West
  23. First civilian president of Myanmar‐ Htin Kyaw.
  24. Old name of ICC?‐ Imperial Cricket Conference
  25. Official language of Goa –Konkani
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